Learn, Develop & Utilise Your Emotional Intelligence

Discover how you can apply E.I. to enhance your Business, Lifestyle & Everything that matters to you 'emotionally'


The core pillar of E.I. is your ability to accurately identify & understand your own emotions. By removing unwanted thoughts and negative ‘visions’ you will take advantage of opportunities that will enable you to achieve your goals. Self-Awareness is critical to your search for purpose.


Monitoring your emotions & using them to guide your thoughts & actions will position you two steps ahead. Many of us have our brains wired up to make decisions based on our emotions & not our rational brain. This is the thin barrier between our most regretful moments in life.


How many of us really do pay attention? Your ability to emphasize with others is a key component of your Emotional Intelligence. Placing yourself in the shoes of customers or figuring out body language in loved ones, all begin with Social-Awareness.


How do you communicate with others? To create meaningful relationships and manage business networks that align with your vision are crucial. When you decide to mute negative internal dialogue and assumptions, you open more doors for yourself and others than ever before.

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